Flying tonight

Actually not. In fact, by lunchtime, I’ll be where I need to be, geographically speaking. But there’s no link like a manufactured tenuous link, so here’s an insurance ad from SA involving aeroplanes for your perusal/enjoyment.

Very good. The jury is still out on this insurance company, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure quite how the South African Constitution allows for them to choose to insure one gender but not another (and then, what of those individuals identifying as transgender?).
The only reasons I haven’t delved deeper into this are:

a) There are many more, more important abuses of the Constitution going on, and we shouldn’t distract the experts from their work on those, and
b) It doesn’t really affect me very much. I’m just curious as to how it works and as to what happens when someone starts “1st for Whites”.

In the meantime, the ad people have free rein to stereotype blokes as much as they like, a free rein which they are using… freely.

Back to school, and Dads still don’t care

South African children went back to school today, and Woolworths were quick to send out an email including some great ideas for lunchbox snacks:

lbsDid you get that? Yep – “moms will love them too”. Not dads though. Oh no. Dads want their kids to get as many added preservatives and artificial flavours down them as possible, because… because… well, I don’t know why any dad would want that, actually. 

Perhaps we should ask Woolies.

Because we’ve been here before with Woolworths, haven’t we? But evidently, old habits die hard and Dads just don’t count, even if they’re the ones making the packed lunches each day.

FFS. This isn’t the 1950s anymore. It’s 2014. Get enlightened. Don’t you think it’s about time we stopped stereotyping and used the term “parents” when it comes to those individuals charged with the responsibility of looking after children, instead of continually making the assumption that it’s just mom’s domain – an assumption that’s insulting to both moms and dads.

UPDATE: A tweet from Woolies:

Which is nice.