You done now?

Probably because I suggested that last weekend might have been the first weekend of summer, the South Atlantic, in an entirely successful bid to prove me wrong, threw one more big winter storm our way. It came through early on Sunday morning and stayed throughout the day, causing instant cabin fever amongst the junior members of the 6000 clan.

It wasn’t like that on Saturday.

We fed ducks, climbed trees, bounced on bouncy castles and generally had a lot of fun despite not smashing any plates before Daddy headed south beyond the Lentil Curtain and won some fabulous prizes in a pub quiz. All good.

Sunday was less fun and the only trip out of the safety of the house was to stock up on essentials at Constantia Village, where the vast array of homemade garden ornaments on sale by the roadside had been scythed down by the vicious northwester and were now a pile of homemade garden ornaments on sale by the roadside.

From the photographic evidence above, it would appear that in order to survive this sort of weather, you needed to be a stylised pelican. More accurate representations of South African ornithological highlights were doomed. Especially the heron on the left.
We’ve had more of the same hefty meteorology today and while I enjoy such bleak, downright elemental conditions, I’m completely ready for some sunshine now, please.

Thank you.

Peaceful weekend


It’s been a peaceful weekend.
This morning, we headed out to the conveniently local Arderne Gardens in the beautiful autumn sunshine to throw some bread at the ducks; this afternoon, we mainly played with a broken Hoover Aquavac 2200. As you do.

I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the vacuum cleaner (and who can blame me?), but I did get a few of the ducks. My particular favourite is this one:

Bigger here

…which, on closer examination, doesn’t actually feature any ducks at all.

Anyway, even if you don’t like that, then you still might want to try clicking here to see the rest of the set, which is generally less “arty” and more “colourful” and does feature several varieties of “duck”. I promise.