I learned a new word today. It’s not a word that I’m going to use very often, because it’s a Finnish word and Finland is a long, long way from here. But it is a great word, and it may come in useful for times when you have a few hours alone. This actually makes it even less likely for me to be using it, given that “a few hours alone” is  generally an alien concept to most parents of young children.

Still, it’s a word worth knowing, just in case.

The word is kalsarikännit. Say it with me:


And it means “getting drunk alone at home, while wearing your underwear”.

Mitä aiot tehdä perjantai?
Luultavasti vain saada kalsarikännit.

Well, obviously. Friday’s going to be the main night for this sort of thing to happen.

Look, I have no plans to go to Finland anytime soon, but I can already tell you what I’ll be doing for at least one evening of my stay, should I ever end up in Helsinki or Jyväskylä.

The opportunity to practice at some point in the near future would be much appreciated too.

Heat > Blog

It’s too hot to blog today. Somewhere around 40 of your South African Celciusses.
I can’t even think, let alone document any of those thoughts which I’m not having.

Thanksfully, once again, someone else is doing it for me. Today, it’s WTF, Evolution?,

Honoring natural selection’s most baffling creations.
Go home, evolution, you are drunk.

Like this:


And the wonderful commentary that goes with it:

“I feel awful. I think I partied a little too hard last night. I have got to stop doing that.”

“Well, yeah, you’re not exactly 21 million years old anymore. Here, have an aspirin.”

“Thanks. I just wish I remembered what I — oh. Oh no.”


“I think I may have made some animals last night.”

“Oh, I’m sure you didn’t.”

“Then why do I have ‘variable neon slug’ written on my hand? Oh god, what does that even mean?”

That, as you will no doubt be well aware, is a wonderful example of Nembrotha kubaryana.

I think it’s rather pretty. Well done, drunk Evolution.