Day 39 – Today’s photo, today’s mood

Today’s TLD photo is of some dew on some grass. I lay on the floor over the weekend and became damp while taking it. I could have cropped just into that main blade of grass, but that would have meant losing the little pointy guy on the far left. And I think that he’s kind of cute.

One day, I’d like to buy a real macro lens and do real macro photography. I suspect that the South African Rand might have other plans though.

And then today’s mood – this struck a chord.

Sharing the love via Free Hugs is no longer permitted in these days of social-distancing. And quite rightly too – you risk spreading far more than just warmth and affection.

This rhyming approach is far more appropriate for these weird, uncertain times, because honestly, who actually has any clue what’s going on anymore?


Another tired Sunday evening (albeit a fake one), another morning on the beach, another fish and chip lunch and another long journey back to Cape Town.

It all adds up to another quota photo.


This was the dew on the Restios in the back garden this morning. I crouched in wet sand amongst wet plants to get this picture.

I’m really not sure why I do this kind of thing.

Dew Diligence

One from the back garden last weekend. I really like it, so I’m leaving it really big.

A scene of contrasts, no?

It’s busy. There are the complicated lines of the restios and the spider web, but equally, with the dew, there’s the elegance and the tranquility of the early morning.
It’s light at the top. It’s dark at the bottom.
It’s intricate and detailed at the bottom. It’s all fuzzy and defocused at the top.

It was a lucky shot, made good by the subject, rather than the skill of the photographer, but I won’t tell anyone that.

As I said earlier, I really like it.

Bigger (if you think you can handle it) here.