Hurricane Lamp QP

Yet another busy morning, filled with trampoline building, sorting out the garden and prepping for a braai later today.

It all leaves very little time for blogging.

Herewith then, a quota photo which I’ve been using as my desktop background since I took it last month.

Super simple, super relaxing and won’t get in the way of your icons.

Help yourself to it for your desktop too: the big version is here.

Your new desktop?

I flew over some vineyards this morning, while out running with the Western Cape Beagles. I’ve been wanting to fly over a vineyard for a while, and I’m sure that it would be a very different view in summer, but it’s not summer right now.

There’s something quite hypnotic about the rows of vines when viewed from 120m up. Like magnified corduroy. I’ve set the image above as the background on my phone: it really makes the app icons pop. If you want to too (use it as a background, not pop), just click on the image to get to the download page. Help yourself. You’re welcome.

Other photos from the morning here.
And a video (quick and dirty, no editing) of the last run of the morning.

March desktop

Belatedly, I know. But I couldn’t find anything worth desktopping and I don’t want to give you rubbish, so I had to wait until I took this photo this weekend.

Twilight on Suiderstrand beach on Saturday evening, with the waves gently rolling in onto the pebbles as the sun sank slowly, but surely, into the South Atlantic. (f/8.0, 6s).

This one was edited in the new version of Picasa (v3.9) which has some lovely new features to play with and is becoming more like Instagram every day. Meanwhile, Instagram is “very soon” to be available for Android. I’ll certainly give it a go, but I’m still a huge fan of Vignette for Android.

You may also enjoy previous desktop background suggestions from January and February.
And there are a few more photos from this weekend here.

In the background…

I’m still messing around with (literally) about 1000 photos that I’ve taken over the past two or three weeks – you’ll get to see them in due course. In the meantime, here’s one of the lighthouse at Cape Agulhas that it has been suggested might make a nice desktop background.

If you want it as yours, please feel free, by downloading the original here (handily in 16:9 format).
And – assuming I remember – I’ll try to prevent any staleness and stagnation by giving you something new to look at behind your each and every month.