I’m already looking forward to the third installment of David Attenborough’s Africa (we’re about 4-5 weeks behind the UK here).
With the whole resting the ankle thing, I get to watch the recorded episodes again and it’s amazing how much extra detail you notice on a second viewing.

Having already been treated to the Kalahari and the Savannah episodes, I’ve been looking for a suitable currency converter as I now want to visit everywhere I’ve seen. Together with the next episode “Congo”, things could get expensive. But then it’s the big local one which had my UK Facebook stream in raptures last month. And no, one can’t (legally) get iPlayer down here.

Having only seen clips, I’m quite intrigued to see what Sir David has to say about the the Cape, aside from his pronunciation of  “Agoolhas”, which although true to its Portuguese roots, is far from the colloquial method and would get you some funny looks in the hostelries down there.

Anyway, as I said, we’re heading north to the rainforests of central Africa ahead of that, so I still have 10 days to wait.

Africa is on BBC Knowledge (DSTV channel 184) at 1800 CAT on Sundays.