Wednesday ephemera

Loads of things to write about but none of them deserving a full post of their own (although some other bloggers may disagree)?
It’s time for Wednesday ephemera!

Please feel free to while away your day with these links:

In a week that gave everywhere except Cape Town some snow, Windguru is predicting 10.2m seas and wind gusts of 91kph for the Mother City on Saturday | Nice wine | xkcd finally comes up with a way of stopping Michael Phelps | The 1% differences that gave TeamGB’s cyclists the edge at the Olympics | Great photos from Brian Micklethwait’s view from the train | And via that, the “battery-shaped” tower that uses less electricity | Batman doesn’t need to hear about Gauteng’s weather again | Data analysis of Star Trek deaths illustrates danger of wearing a red shirt | Baby octopuseseseses | How to make tiny rockets from matches | How big is the moon, really? | Hyperdecant your red wine (really?) | What your suitcase sees post check-in | Following the reindeer by Evgenia Arbugaeva

Please email me with any suggestions for the next ephemera post.

Friday ephemera

The June 1st edition:

Because I have been busy fighting with the outrageous sling and arrows of the WfHII (which is now over and wasn’t actually that bad), I have been left with no clue of what has happened in the outside world over the past few days. Given the state of things when I descended into said week, that’s probably no bad thing. But since I am playing catch up, please enjoy some ephemera with me.

Text from Dog continues to amuse | Someone did a map of where Ludacris has “hoes” | I took a photo of Table Mountain from miles away | Here are the 11 greatest ManBabies ever | Brian Micklethwait described some blog issues hilariously and said some nice things | That slinky on a treadmill video | An amazing collection of contrails pictures | People on twitter use an unfunny phrase | More videos of Apocalypse sounds | 180,000 post-it notes | Firefighter practical exam | Eduard Khil is in a coma 🙁 | The despicable HIVEX has closed down.

There. I hope you clicked through to every single one of those. They are ALL totes worth it.

Tuesday ephemera

ephemera – plural of e·phem·er·on
[ih-fem-uh-ron, -er-uhn]
1. anything short-lived or ephemeral.
2. ephemera, items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc.

And “borrowed” from David Thompson (the idea at least; not the content).

I’ve got a bit of a busy week coming up, which may not leave a lot of time for blogging, so here’s one I did earlier (last night to be exact) with some interesting links I’ve spotted this week, all tucked into one neat blog post for you to enjoy.

It’s a pleasure.

That Masterchef edit on youtube (thanks GaiB) | 5 seconds of every #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit from 1993-2011 (soundcloud) | some more from the amazing Dear Photograph | Since it’s tomato season(?), here are 19 Tomato recipes | Mario Balotelli shows how not to score with a backheel and is promptly substituted | Weird wandering rocks in Death Valley | No more deadarms with the modular ‘Love Mattress‘ | My photo of the sea on Sunday is nice | Brilliant German ads show poor unfortunate workers | Sea Otters hold hands while sleeping so as not to drift apart (Warning: Cute Overload) | And finally: I’ve posted it on twitter several times, but the Time Flies Allan Gray ad is still breathtaking