Happy Birthday, Sean Lock

And thank you for this lovely montage, Channel 4.

Sean Lock would have turned 60 today, but we’re not going to be maudlin about it. Instead we present to you this compilation of grumpy old man rants and anecdotes that demonstrate that Sean Lock was, in many ways, always a 60-year-old man. Happy birthday to you, sir.


I’m not sure whether I’m in love, or the flue’s blocked.

Much missed.

and happy birthday, Stu…

Day 417 – King Lear redux

I saw Alasdair Beckett-King on last week’s Mock The Week and really enjoyed his humour. I’d actually seen a couple of his sketches before (let’s be honest here, he’s fairly recognisable), but never knew his name. Now that I do know his name, I’ve been watching a lot more of his stuff on his Youtube channel.

This one is a particular favourite, because yes, King Lear is awfully lengthy.

Beautifully delivered.

That’s all for me for this morning, because the fireplace installation guys ARE ACTUALLY HERE and the fireplace is ACTUALLY BEING INSTALLED!

Simon Evans: 3 Men Joke

UPDATE: It since turns out that Simon Evans has become a bit of a right wing twat. I didn’t know that was going to happen at the time I posted this, so no judgies, k?
I’m leaving this up because it’s funny, and it reminds me that while people can change for better or for worse, good comedy remains good.

Saw this guy on TV the other night and have subsequently been viewing some of his stuff on YouTube.

This 2:36 clip from the Edinburgh Comedy Festival sums him up nicely and is well worth your time and bandwidth.

And if that tickled your fancy, you can watch his 2009 Comedy Store performance here.