New Coldplay song is strange and beautiful

I can’t see it having much commercial success, certainly not in this form anyway, but the remix options seem almost limitless. And I think it’s already growing on me. Weirdly catchy.

I love the video too: all infra-red and 90’s shoegazing. Remember when we all danced like that?
Oh, yes you do.

Oh, and the nod to Ylvis’ What Does The Fox Say is clear for all to see.

Nice work, Coldplay.

Hurts Like Heaven

After yesterday’s extraordinary outburst of stories about annoying animals beginning with P and a sleepless night that took me back to the early days of being a dad, I’m in full on zombie mode today and have mainly concerned myself with dozing in the Cat III lab, poking TB with metaphorical sticks.

So, for a bit of energy, some Coldplay with their new video for Hurts Like Heaven:

Which is nice, but will never quite live up to the original “comic” music video of Take On Me.

It was just about a year ago that we popped down to watch Chris et al at Cape Town Stadium. As you may remember, I wasn’t impressed. However, this is pretty decent stuff and right now, anything that keeps me awake is to be welcomed.


After Snow Patrol came down to see us in 2009 and ended up making this here and Kasabian did their video for Fire in Piketberg, Coldplay have also shot (bits of) their video for their new single Paradise here in the Western Cape and Jo’burg and some other places in SA.

No word yet on whether the band will be heeding TKAG’s appeal and support their cause to cost South Africa thousands of jobs block fracking in the Karoo. UPDATE: Just a note that there’s no way the (ZS-registered) jet in the video would have the range to make it from Heathrow to Cape Town. In all likelihood, it would require at least one refuelling stop (Niger, Chad, Nigeria?) at which point the elephant would surely have been discovered and – at best – put into quarantine for several weeks. I’m just saying. However, I recognise that artistic licence has to be used here, since the genuine tale would make for a very long, boring and somewhat depressing video.