A quick round up

Let’s do a quick recap.

My legs. They still work. And football was a lot of fun, despite the result. I’m giving myself a day off gym and other exercise today, but I’m both happy and mildly surprised to say that I could probably actually possibly do stuff if I wanted to*.

Talking of football, I’ll just repeat myself on this one:

Never bet against Real Madrid in the Champions League*.

An amazing game last night, which I almost ditched in favour of bed with 10 minutes to go, but then (wisely) chose not to. Because you never bet against Real Madrid in the Champions League*.

And, I have to say, VAR even added to the drama. [oi – stop throwing things at me!]
Incredible tension when that second goal went in and was disallowed.
Incredible scenes when that second goal was confirmed…

I added this song to my 2024 Spotify playlist:

Maximo Park meets The Enemy meets The Maccabees, maybe?
Raging, but controlled. Ferociously introspective, but dealing with things. Just.

And a reminder that all my Spotify playlists are here for your enjoyment, free of charge*.

It’s a beautiful day outside, but wow, it’s chilly this morning. It looks like it will be dropping into single figures this weekend after another cold front due tomorrow. The last one didn’t really deliver on its promises, with just 6mm of rain. Still, taking no chances, I have checked all the gutters are clear and I’ve got the firewood ready.
Also, for the first time this year: socks. [Audience gasps]

Anger at Adobe. Anger at James Popsys.

Wow. Photographers can get angry. But it’s justified this time, I think.

Adobe, who charge us many, many Rands for the use of their software (which is obviously fair enough – it’s my choice to subscribe), are embracing AI to the point where they actually use the term “Skip the photoshoot” on their Generative Background menu.

Yeah. Why bother employing a ‘tog?

In a world where AI is replacing many jobs, not least in the creative sector, this feel like a real kick in the teeth.

And photography Youtubers are at it too. James Popsys released a video sponsored by AI photo development tool Luminar Neo. In this video – and I hope you’re sitting down for this revelation – he extolled the virtues of the AI photo development tool Luminar Neo.

This did not go down well with his viewers. There were comments like:

James a couple of weeks ago – embrace imperfections in photos.
James now he’s being paid – use AI to remove power lines.


Yay, a new video from James….. oh, it’s a 12 minute ad for AI πŸ™


Why not just sell your camera and start making photos with an AI image generator?

Which is exactly what Adobe seem to be suggesting above.

Look, there’s likely a place for AI in many aspects of our lives*. And there’s definitely a place for it in photography. But to go in this heavy-handed (and I’m looking at you both, Adobe and James Popsys), well, that’s not the way to put it out there.

* T&Cs apply

One last day

…of this springlike weather before the next cold front comes through and spoils things for the weekend.

This was from this morning, and although it’s yet to make landfall, things are definitely changing already.

Still a chance to head out to horseriding (not me), so we’ll do that before the rain comes in.

Also always a chance of sharing a Kruger pic.

Hard to believe that this was just 10 days ago.

We were reliving some of the (many) great moments last night over a post-match celebratory beer, and there was talk (or at least testing-the-water talk) of another trip.

The water seemed very welcoming.

Dam good news

Cape Town’s dam levels, so often the cause of local panic, have finally risen above the percentages from this time last year. And while last year wasn’t anything to write home about water level-wise, you have to start somewhere, and being almost 41 billion litres ahead of last June is a good place to begin.

Stat attack:
That weekly change of 5.7% represents an incredible increase of 51,200 Ml.
An average of more than 7 billion litres or 2800 Olympic sized swimming pools gained each day.

And with another two cold fronts quite literally just over the horizon, we could even be looking at exceeding the levels from this time in 2021, which would put us in the incredible position of having the highest June dam levels since 2014, when all that nastiness began.

Of course, much like electricity, the best time to save water is when you have water to save, so although a nice long hot shower might be just what you need right now, maybe think of the parched, dry summertime some way ahead, and just limit yourself to a couple of minutes for the greater good.

Or better still, just stand outside for 30 seconds on Wednesday evening. Your call.

Next wave

I woke up this morning with a nasty headache. No, I hadn’t been drinking, but thanks for your attempted victim-blaming. Probably just a bit sinussy, but this was a bad one, so I drugged myself up and hid in bed for another hour. Once I was up and about, and less sore, I decided (using my basic knowledge of biochemistry) that a gym workout might get rid of the congestion, noradrenaline production and all that…

And it did. Mostly.

I would have gone on a run, but… well…

And while I’m not scared of a bit of cold, it’s actually just a really unpleasant day outside and so I decided that I’d much rather stay in and play with my kettlebells.

Careful now.

Feeling better for it, though.

The next wave – in the form of that blue and green cold front – has now reached us and unleashed a few early torrential downpours, demonstrating its power and unrestrained wet rage. 1.5mm precipitation be damned: it dropped 5mm in less than 10 minutes. That’s taken us up to 64mm so far in the last 7 days and we’ve still more to come again this evening and then a big one to look forward to (careful now, again) on Wednesday.

And early forecasts suggest that could give us another 50mm before lunchtime on Thursday.

Wrap up warmly. And take an umbrella.