Relatief swaar (sement)

Small town Afrikaans social media never fails to deliver. This morning’s gem was this:

Yes, that’s a free cement baboon looking for a new home. But you’ve got to come and collect it yourself. It’s relatively heavy (cement). Contact me [not me] on Whatsapp if you are interested.

And who wouldn’t be interested in a (relatively heavy) free cement baboon?

What’s not to like?

Well, it’s this:

That does look relatively heavy. But I supposed that it is (cement).

But the existence of this relatively heavy (cement) baboon definitely suggests that there is at least one cement baboon mould somewhere out there. And that in turn suggests that there may be other cement baboons out there as well. Maybe even troops of them.

But… why?

Of course, the other why is why anyone would want this, but the group quickly became a thrashing feeding frenzy of locals desiring a free cement baboon. Despite the relatively heavy weight.

I’ve been here 20 years and I’m still regularly astounded by this place.