One One Eight

Now I like beer as much as the next man, but I’m not quite as fussy as some when it comes to the trendy side of beer: “craft beer”. I love my Darling Brew Bonecrusher, but then I love my SAB Carling Black Label. I quite enjoy Steph Weiss, but I’m also more than happy with a mass-produced Windhoek.

It’s beer. I like beer.

Craft beer is a rapidly growing market though, as the video below will testify. But who exactly is drinking it – and moreover why – are they drinking it? Presumably, given that these guys are hugely knowledgeable about beer, it’s for the unique taste that mass-produced SAB beers don’t have – that special something that only the personal touch can bring.

Step forward One One Eight. It’s the new kid on the craft beer block and it’s not pulling any punches, daringly – with seemingly little thought for its reputation – heading straight into a tasting session with a group of craft beer connoisseurs.

Yep, that’s Top Trolling by Ogilvy for SAB and Castle. Look how silly those all men suddenly look.

Reminds me a bit of weissbeer, actually. It’s got a bit of a weissbeer taste.

says the guy who keeps complaining that his wife puts chalk in his cheddar sandwiches each day.

So yes, they now all look very foolish.
But especially the guy in the pink shirt. Especially him. Because he was the most annoying one.

Because in answer to my earlier question as to why these people drink craft beer: it’s simply to be seen “drinking craft beer”. It’s the same thing as Farmer’s Market Syndrome. In fact, the two go hand in hand, as you’ll see at any Saturday morning city market.
A harsher blogger might put something about “more money than sense” here, but I won’t.

Look, if you want to drink expensive craft beer, then by all means, go and drink it. It’s probably going to be a bit expensive, but it’s probably also going to be very nice. A new experience. Something different. That’s fine.
But if you’re merely drinking it to be seen with a craft beer in your hand, then don’t pretend you’re doing it for any other reason that that.

You’re not fooling anyone with your pseudo-educated chatter, you trendy, irritating wanker.

Castle II

This is another post not about beer. Sorry.

I mentioned a Castle last week in my quota photo post “Castle“. That Castle was Castle Rushen in Castletown, Isle of Man, which overlooks Castletown harbour, which is where I will be taking part in the WTBC next week. Still with me?

Anyway, that aside, almost immediately after seeing my Castle post, Flickr Blog did a Castle post of their own (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery):

Obviously, that’s not Castle Rushen – look at those vast tracts of land with not a harbour in sight. In fact, this is Boldogköváralja in Hungary, although interestingly, both castles were constructed simultaneously in the 12th and 13th Centuries.

Actually, I’m not sure how interesting that is, but here are some nice photos of Boldogköváralja.

I will endeavour to get you some nice pictures of Castle Rushen to go with them. Watch this space.


I’ve been running and then I’ve been packing. Things I have almost broken this evening include my right ankle and my age-old rucksack. I fear this will be its last trip abroad. The rucksack might have to go too.

This is a photo from our last family trip up north. It features Castle Rushen, the Manx flag and blue skies. It seems likely that we’ll probably see two of those things this time too.