Things we need to talk about

It’s an unusual phrase, “The elephant in the room”, isn’t it? I mean, it works in some ways, because it’s something that everyone is fully aware of – how could you not notice an elephant in a room? – but if there was an actual elephant in a room I was in, I would probably want to do something about it. Like quite possibly leave the room. Elephants don’t belong in rooms and therefore, an elephant in a room is likely to be rather pissed off.

And after this week, The giraffe in the safari vehicle.

Although, we’ve talked about the dangers of giraffes before on here, haven’t we?


I like drinking coffee. Despite the fact that I am Yorkshire born and bred, I’m not a huge fan of tea. Coffee is my hot beverage of choice. However, while I know what I like (and what I don’t like), I wouldn’t describe myself as a coffee snob.

Nor am I a coffee addict. I can stop whenever I want, and I always do stop if I get a bit trembly, which is way before things go downhill towards tummy ache time.

That said, when I do stop if I get a bit trembly, I always start again at some point. And I’m still here.

This one is from Nathan W Pyle – you may remember him from posts such  as Strange Planet. I’m still enjoying those cartoons on his Instagram.


Once you’ve got over the size of the world’s largest meatball (and actually, that’s a thing, with its own website), there’s still a surprising amount to think about here.

Arrogance, simplicity, self doubt and the forethought of the exact needs of the task in hand, rather than the sheer scale of the endeavour.

I’d have messed this up too, but fortunately I’m not a big fan of meatballs anyway.