Hiding inside

It is, as was promised, wild, wet and windy outside. Thus, the fire is lit, the beagle is tucked up in front of it, and I’m sitting in front of a warm TV.

I did manage a reasonably quick 7km this morning before the worst of the weather arrived. And I also made sure that everything in the garden was prepared for the incoming storm.

And so I feel completely vindicated in hiding inside as the rain rattles down out there now. I might even open a bottle of red wine.

Fight me.

Is possibility of snow on Table Mountain tomorrow night still on?

Just to keep you inquisitive people who keep asking if we’re still on for a few flakes of the white stuff on Table Mountain tomorrow night,  in the loop – and if you’re in Cape Town today, then you’ll readily believe anything the weather has to throw at us – here’s an update.

Following on from this post which compared the frankly ludicrous claims of mountain-forecast.com – it’s a weather forecast site for mountains, innit? – with those more reasonable efforts of windguru and weathersa, we need to tell you right now that the whole snow on Table Mountain thing IS STILL POSSIBLE.

What we’re looking for is temperatures below 2°C at 1000m or below, together with forecasted precipitation. That, plus that will likely equal snow. And here’s the graph that matters:


Yeah. If you thought today was cold, you’d be right, but it’s only going to get colder when tomorrow comes around.

The blue line marks the height above sea level (in metres) at which you’ll experience an air temperature of 0°C. Looking at the contours just below that, you can see that the altitude at which we’ll have 2°C temperatures dips about as low as 800m during Thursday night and Friday morning. Add in cloudy skies and a (current) forecast of about 7-8mm of precipitation and all the ingredients are there.

As things stand right now, your best plan is to wrap up VERY warmly and head for the Cableway early on Friday morning.

Book online to save time and money. Avoid awkward allegations of sexism by making a snowperson. Avoiding awkward allegations of racism will be more difficult, because snow is previously advantaged.