Snake Take 2

Busy day? Busy evening? Quota photo time.

And it’s back to San Bona to a Cape Cobra (Naja nivea) (nothing to do with skin cream) which the rangers had found near the main entrance of the camp and were going to relocate to some distance safely away from the main entrance of the camp.

But not without showing the tourists first. When brought out of the box they’d placed him in, and (ever so) gently manoeuvred with the snake hook, he reared up to give us a proper display.

Bigger on black here.
More San Bona here.
More recent snake here.

Thank you rangers.
Thank you snake.
Good morning Yvonne.

See you tomorrow.

Snakes on a beach…

Well – Snake on a beach anyway. This photo was taken this morning by ‘jogger’ Janice Wagner on Hout Bay beach (the same one you can see – sans serpent – here). It’s a Cape Cobra (Naja nivea) and it was off out for a quick slither along the beach.


Because of the nature of social media, this is already old news in Cape Town, but it’s worth recording on here for posterity and for our overseas visitors (none of whom will be sunbathing on this beach again any time soon, I guess).

It also raises the question ‘Just where are we safe now?’, what with sharks in the water and snakes on the sand. Although it’s worth noting that our friend above also went for a swim.

Are we now going to have to employ snake spotters as we do shark spotters?

And then there’s the E.coli, arguably slightly less dangerous than the sharks or the snake, but nevertheless still rather nasty. I hope Hissing Sid has taken his antibiotics…

UPDATE: More info here.