Day 281 – Best wishes

Happy New Year!

We’re nowhere near through this yet. This frustrating, horrible virus has no concept that we have some arbitrary (yet significant) time frame ending this evening, and a new one beginning at midnight.

And so, our traditional new start at the start of the new year will not include an end to the horrendous news and numbers we are now used to seeing on a daily basis. Rather – locally, at least – we can expect more misery before we get to, and beyond, the peak of the second wave.

It will have been a different New Year for us. No friends, no family, no fireworks on Struisbaai beach. Curfewed at 9pm. No alcohol (apart from the local stash, which remains plentiful at this time, deity be praised).

Still, we can’t allow ourselves to be continually dragged down by things over which we have very limited control. And so, with that in mind, I’d urge you all to focus on finding the positives in every other area of your lives. Because those will be the things that help us to get through the rest of this other, all-pervading mess.

Have a very Happy New Year and thank you for readingĀ 6000 miles… over the past 366 days.

May 2021 bring you – and everyone else – better things and happier times.