An interview with State Honourary B.Dolgion

Interesting views from the man who “was considered to be a Pagan” in the UB Post today.

Of course, many of you will recognise that his profession is a journalist, but he is well known as musician in Mongolia. On the eve of his 60th birthday, he tells us about his family, his freedom and his music.

As the UB Post request: “Please enjoy our interview”.

Three band-tastic!

What are you working on lately?
I’m working on an album with the group “One Way” group, as the producer. The group members were selected in fourth place in the “Coke’n beat” music festival. I am also the producer of the group “UB Night”. They are currently recording songs for their album. Producers don’t have to work with only one group, so I work with this group as well. And I’m also cooperating with the band “Jonon” and they are working on the album filled with songs of the Beatles. Everybody knows the Beatles, so we are recording songs with a mixture of Mongolian national music. In that way, we can advertise our national music to the world.

Electro house came from rock (via Soyol erdene)

Do you listen to electro music?
This is similar to rock music, so I like listening to electro music. Rock and pop were developed in Mongolia at the same time as the Beatles. They were “Soyol erdene”, “Ineemseglel” and “Kharanga”. From this music genre, electro house originated.

Mongolia could have been Sweden

If you were criticise this society, what would you say about it?
When Mongolia was socialist, Sweden had a socialist society too. But look at Sweden now. How developed it is. Today, it doesn’t matter who will be the parliament member of its country in Sweden. Our development is lagging behind.

No-one likes Mongolian country song

Is there a type of music that you don’t enjoy?
Everybody has their own taste in music. I don’t like Mongolian country song, because it is usually created with low expenses.

Damn straight – unless it’s mixed with the Beatles in an electro house fusion.