Bergen love

I have waxed lyrical about Bergen several many times on here. And here we go again.
Remember Faded by (Bergen-based producer) Alan Walker? Well, then came the “acoustic version” of that track, documented here.

After that came the follow up, Alone. It featured here, not just because of the jaunty EDM beats within, but also because everyone was on their way to Bergen. Now, there’s an acoustic version of Alone, too.

It’s called Alone (Restrung):

Once again, there is a mad rush with everyone trying to get to Bergen, but this time there’s a FPV shot of some of those individuals (having arrived bang on time, I’ll bet) leaving the local railway station.
And that’s significant in that there’s one of those round, poster billboard things (they must have a real name, but I don’t know what it is) in shot across the road.
That round, poster billboard things is the very one that my partner in crime and I – fuelled by expensive beer, cocktails and whale meat – may have liberated an a-ha concert poster from on our final night in the city.

You’ll want to run through to 2:29 to see it. Or you could just look at this helpfully annotated screenshot below:

Oh, the memories! Such a carefree time of alleged poster borrowing and general liberty. (Sadly, we were cruelly reminded of the crushing reality of our return to South Africa the following morning when we passed a beagle while walking down Kaigaten moments later, but that’s beside the point.)


It’s Monday, it’s raining in Cape Town and you might need something to get you going. Not going like a rocket, but just a chilled entry into another week.
May I suggest the dulcet piano beats of Jasper Forks’ Alone?

I obviously like this track since it seems that I have looked it up several times on SoundHound. Soundhound really should just go ahead and download it for me now. It’s a feature that I’ll suggest to them. Three lookups on the same track and you’ll automatically find it in the My Music folder on your device.
This is a perfect example of Throwaway Dance Music (TDM). TDM is great to listen to for a short time, but in 10 years, only pub quiz aficionados and true dance fans will actually be able to recall who made the track. And Jasper Forks’ similarity to Robert Miles may even confuse those individuals.
This, as you’ll be aware, is the official video for the radio edit. You might also enjoy the Extended Radio Mix, which is like the song above, but extended.