AppealBalls 1

Do you remember the now infamous PistoriusBalls series? Some people thought it was all over, and it was then. But suddenly the State decided that actually, possibly, maybe they could swing a murder verdict, and thus there was an appeal. And with that appeal…. came AppealBalls!

Step forward… Alex Crawford, *polite applause* with her astute observation:

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 100339 AM.bmp

Well, quite astute observation…

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 095614 AM.bmp

Dude looks like a Lady! Except… you know, the other way around.

Also back… please welcome… Aislinn Laing! *rapturous cheering*

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 101442 AM.bmp

This tweet works best if you embellish it just  a little and imagine it being said in a 1940’s New York private detective voice:

The doll was in the restroom when he filled her full of lead. Pistorius was once famous in South Africa for his athletic prowess. Now it’s for a devastating criminal act. I don’t usually take cases involving famous people. No private eye needs that kinda attention. But line him up in front of the district attorney and a stenographer and he could soon make dusty case law.

Mandy’s still around, too:

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 110815 AM.bmp

Or what gender they identify as, hey Alex?

Fullscreen capture 2015-11-03 012415 PM.bmp

Thanks be to she who invokes Homer Simpson. Because yes, it’s definitely time for a beer.