The “bes kus”

According to the popular marketing slogan

Die Weskus is die bes kus

Which translates as “The West Coast is the best coast”, if you’re willing to overlook a bit of Afrikaans abbreviation. More accurately, it translates as “The West Coast is the be__ coast”, but that doesn’t really work. If you’re ever in Langebaan and point this inaccuracy out to any of the Weskus diehards, they’ll come after you like Eben Etzebeth in a local casino.

So, don’t.

But the whole premise is incorrect anyway, given that when we’re talking about South Africa, the South coast is the one you want to be on. Although, I am currently on the Weskus, and it is actually rather nice. Mrs 6000 has done us proud with an amazing AirB&B about 50m from the beach, and we are going to be chilling here for the next few days. I’ll share photos and views a little later: I know there are a lot of fans of Geoguessr who would pick out my exact location in a matter of minutes, and I can’t really cope with the paparazzi at the door again. I’m trying to relax here.

One thing I will say (that won’t give too much away) is that there is a lighthouse within walking distance. So guess what my plan is, this morning?

Sleep. Yes.