Feedly so far

As part of that “What do we do now that Google Reader is disappearing?” post, I mentioned that I was going to try the “seamless transition” for Google Reader users promised by Feedly.

It’s been a few days since I “defected” (according to Engadget), but I took at least 499,999 others with me.

It multiplied its bandwidth ten times over, added new servers to cope with the sudden influx and hopes to keep the service up as much as possible as more users pour in. In an effort to keep its new clientele happy, Feedly has promised to listen to suggestions and add new features on a weekly basis as well.

What is interesting is that with so many different RSS aggregators out there and with Google Reader still working as usual until 1st July, if 500,000 Google Reader users have already gone to Feedly, exactly how many users did Reader have?

Lots of upset people.

As for me and Feedly, we’re getting on just fine. Syncing is quick and accurate across devices and the UI is decidedly similar to where I came from, which is nice as well. Sharing is easy and I’ve also installed Pocket, which integrates beautifully with Feedly and which I’ve already used more than I thought I ever would.

So, no problems thus far here: I’m happy with my choice and I’d recommend it if you’re still looking for an alternative RSS reader.