Day 347 – Prizes

I’ve mentioned Afrikaans singer Bok van Blerk on here a few times, after Bok van Blerk mentioned me in his email list even more times. Those days thankfully seem to have passed now, but it seems that Bok continues to enjoy his high-end celebrity lifestyle, even if he doesn’t tell me about it quite so often.

Here’s the latest from him:

Yes, it’s in Afrikaans, as is most Bok van Blerk-related stuff, so let me help you out with a touch of translation. This is a competition whereby you (and a friend) can win a fun long weekend away. That’s pretty cool, but it’s also pretty ordinary. But this long weekend away will be fun because you will spend it fishing with well-known singers Adam Tas and… yes… Bok van Blerk.

Did you miss the opportunity to spend a few hours skateboarding with Ed Sheeran? Wish you could enjoy an afternoon playing Laser Quest with Elton John? Or did you feel sad because the chance to take on Miley Cyrus at crown green bowls was something that you could only dream about?

Well, hard luck. I can’t help with any of that.

But you (and a friend) do still have the chance to go on a long (fun) weekend fishing with well-known singers Adam Tas and Bok van Blerk. OK, it’s not quite stand up paddleboarding with Madonna, but times are tough.

The entry form is here. Good luck.