6000 miles…

Great story, nice numbers.

American owner of a diving camera which was lost in Hawaii in 2007 has been traced after it was found last month on a beach in Taiwan.

The waterproof Canon camera was spotted by Douglas Chen, an employee of Taiwanese airline China Airlines, while he was strolling along a beach at Taitung on Taiwan’s east coast.

Inside the barnacle-encrusted camera was a still-intact memory card with photos of owner Lindsay Crumbley Scallan’s Hawaii visit still visible.

The memory card was still intact, enabling the owner to be traced
It was through the memory card that Mr Cheng was able to identify from where the camera had actually been lost.

He then went out of his way to trace the camera back to its owner, who lives more than 6,000 miles away in the US.

She had been diving in Maui during a summer break when she lost the camera.

And now his employer airline has offered her a free trip to Taiwan to pick up her camera.  Nice work, China Airlines.

This brings me fresh hope that one day I will get my cellphone back after I lost it doing a brief but memorable chance meeting in Newlands with a gentleman who decided he would like to take it in exchange for hitting me in the face.

That was a few years before 2007, and I doubt that my phone would have been chucked into the sea at any point – Newlands is quite a way inland after all – but I suppose there’s always a chance that it will find itself on a Taiwanese beach at some point and I look forward to hearing from Mr Cheng and his airline chums when that happens.