Day 250 – 250 days of lockdown

And there we go. Another 2020 milestone.


We’re 250 days into our South African lockdown and we’re actually no better off than we were on Day 1.

That’s not to say that things haven’t improved in the intervening period: they certainly did get a lot better. It’s just that over the last few weeks, they got a whole lot worse again.

Why? Because people thought that the pandemic was over, got sloppy with handwashing, mask wearing and not congregating in large groups indoors and surprise, surprise, we’re facing a new resurgence of Covid-19.


So what now, as SA heads into summer holidays, with the major holiday towns of the Southern Cape overloaded with virus? A stricter lockdown with all the dreadful economic effects at their most important time of the year? Or just heading face first into a second wave with hospitals overloaded during their busiest period?

I don’t have the answers, but I do find it very sad that over eight months since we all hid away in March, we’re once again facing this crappy virus and these crappy decisions.