Tablet Engagement

You may remember last month when I wrote about how the kids’ school wants to introduce iPads into their learning programmes.

This weekend, I was reminded of this line particularly:

They cited the engagement that the kids had with the device (I’ve seen this with my kids and my tablet) and the way that that engagement facilitated learning.

We were at a birthday party for one of the girls in Scoop’s year, but having no-one to look after Alex, I took him along as well. I also took the tablet, because there’s probably limited interest for a 7 year old boy in a younger girls’ birthday party.

Here’s what happened:

Alex and the (educational) Make Your Wild Self website was suddenly the centre of attention. And the kids came away having learned about bats and penguins.
The tablet came away covered in cupcake icing, but that’s not the point I’m trying to illustrate here.

Just having the device in front of them engages the kids. What’s on it is up to the parents and the teachers to sort out, but get it right and yes, it’s a fantastic learning tool.

2 thoughts on “Tablet Engagement

  1. Hi 6000

    Great post, we supply iPads to some of the local high schools and have had quite an eye opening September so far – out of the 350 we have supplied so far this month, 70% have been returned as non-functional. It would appear UK Midlands kids are a bit more heavy handed than kids anywhere else in the world, especially when 80% of the returned iPads have smashed displays and the school is at a loss about how the damage happened! I think for little ones, the iPad is an invaluable tool but for teenagers that havent had to pay for them and treat them like a toy to be thrown around not so good!

  2. Andy Gladwish > That’s a frankly scary figure. But yes, an excellent tool (when they aren’t getting smashed) and one which I hope will help our kids.

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