6 thoughts on “Table Mountain From The Car

  1. Ron > My pleasure – nice idea for a blog. Please keep it up!
    I like to keep my finger on the pulse of all new CPT blogs. I think it’s important as a major player in the Western Cape blogosphere to be aware and to feature other up and coming sites in order to… oh sod it – I can’t remember how I found it, sorry.

    theflipside > This is heading into Mowbray from Pinelands. Devils Peak is in front of TM.
    And yes, you may well have almost been killed by a taxi here. Or anywhere else in South Africa.

  2. When I worked in Bergvliet, I used to drive over this bridge every day. It was the highlight of my drive. Every day the Mountain would look different – I was constantly amazed. I wish I’d thought to photograph it every day.

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