Way back in 1996, when I was a fresher-faced funster living in a dodgy hole just off the Cowley Road in Oxford, I scored some free tickets for a pre-screening of Trainspotting at the Phoenix Picturehouse in Walton Street.

Now, I don’t do films. But that February evening, I was blown away. The acting, the storyline, the cinematography (got to say that one to sound knowledgeable), the soundtrack… the soundtrack!

It remains my second favourite film ever in a list that, to be fair, doesn’t get updated often. I can’t tell you my favourite film ever, because then you’d be able to log into my bank account or something.

Those positions may now be in danger though, because twenty(one) years on (way overdue like a British train), here’s the sequel: T2 Trainspotting. And the trailer looks EPIC!
[may contain occasional naughty language and some female chest]

I cannot wait. So, with apologies to the original infamous monologue:

Choose life. Choose the eventual onset of summer. Choose holiday traffic. Choose Christmas. Choose getting that study done at work. Choose 5fm and Hlaudi’s 90% nonsense. Choose wishing away the period between now and the film’s release. Choose Level 3 Water Restrictions. Choose free delivery on Takealot. Choose the Stompie Hotline. Choose New Year. Choose fireworks. Choose popping corks and drinks with friends. Choose time on the beach. Choose your pitiful excuse for a summer holiday. Choose the new Star Wars flick. Choose State Capture. Choose Jacob Zuma. Choose mowing what’s left of your lawn underneath the searing Cape Town sun. Choose your future. Choose life.
But why would I want to do a thing like that?

Hopefully, the South African release won’t be 8 months behind the UK like the original was.

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