Sushi discount

Not a sponsored post, but definitely a good idea.


Go to Sake House Restaurant, check-in on Facebook (using the handy QR codes on their tables, if you wish) and get 50% off your sushi lunch or 25% off your dinner! Sit-down or take aways! Call now on 0216747600 or book online via EZ table.

It’s widely accepted that Sake House do the best sushi in the Mother City (I shall hear no comments on “that place in Sea Point” or how you “love so and so’s in Kloof Street) and now you can get it more cheaply than you were previously paying before.

What’s not to like?

And just in case you’re still too stupid to realise what an opportunity this is, let me drop these little gems in from Chef Eddy’s menu:

Africa Dream: Smoked springbok, avo, brie cheese, mango with fig mayo sauce
Sushi Boerewors: Spicy tuna fried in tempura batter served with ponzu sauce

50% off gives you four of the Dream or SIX of the Boerewors for R22.50. Pretty decent, amirite?

I would now conclude this blog post with something cool and witty, but I’m already on my way to Claremont for an early lunch.

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