Susanne sings

Everyone on BBC 6 Music is gushing over the Scott Walker Prom concert held earlier in the week, and from the bits I have heard, with good reason. If you’re reading this soon after I wrote it, there’s loads of stuff about it on the 6 Music website.

The audience raved about son of Sheffield, Jarvis Cocker and… er… son of Sheffield, Richard Hawley, who were both star performers on the night. But the real plaudits went to Susanne Sundfør for her outstanding vocals. Who she, you ask? Well, she the lady singing on this Röyksopp track:

…with its crazy, disturbing, heartbreaking “invited independent filmmaker” video from Lauren Rothery.

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  1. The dee dah Morrissey from the wrong side of the Pennines..
    BTW. How’s the strike going?

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