Sunset at the shipwreck

When in Rome, do as the Romans.

When in Agulhas, do sundowners at the shipwreck. Got it?


The Meisho Maru 38 ran aground between Suiderstrand and Cape Agulhas on 16 November 1982.

Since then, it’s been slowly breaking up, and the bow now sits proudly on the shoreline near the Southernmost point, acting as a magnet for cormorants and photographers alike.

Once the kids were safely tucked in, I took a large glass of red wine and headed out for a brief session of long exposure (the camera, not me). It was brief because I quickly ran out of red wine.

Pics to follow once we’re back just 6000 miles from civilisation…

In other news, I learnt, via Serendipity, how to resize images while posting from my phone.

Game on! (assuming it works)

2 thoughts on “Sunset at the shipwreck

  1. Lovely pic. Remember when venturing forth into the wilderness Be Prepared, i.e. take sufficient “refreshments” or call us for an emergency delivery (we’ll also assist with the consumption thereof). CAT

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