Sunday Thoughts

Sunday morning thoughts.

Next door’s noisy washing machine has been going at it for several days now. All day, every day. Or so it seems. Two hypotheses here. Either they’re cleaning up a murder scene or they’ve opened a commercial laundry. I’m not actually sure which is worse (from a noisy back garden point of view, I mean).

On the other side, they’re chopping down trees. Big, healthy trees.
“Leafy” and “green” are adjectives often applied to living in a nice area: people pay premium prices for mature trees. And yet…
Next door 50 years of slow, hard work, gone in a couple of hours of noise (only just louder than the laundry).

On the Afrikaans side of my social media there’s a fierce* debate as to whether Neil Young or Steve Hofmeyr would provide the better soundtrack for the drive on the R319 between Bredasdorp and Swellendam. It’s getting quite heated.
I think I’d probably cancel the trip. Not least because whatever you have to listen to on the journey, you end up in Swellendam.

Oh, and obviously, since reading this, I can’t really get it out of my mind…

If I’d done a “Saturday thoughts” or “Friday thoughts” or whatever, this would also be in there. And in all likelihood, when I do my next ” ___day thoughts”, it will still be there.
Of course it will.

Freak Moose Antler Incident are in session for Marc Riley this Wednesday.

* Initially, I mistyped this word and WordPress tried to correct it to “faeces”. Did it perhaps read the musical options which followed? AI is amazing.