Is summer finally coming?

As proven by this weather forecast for Cape Town for the week ahead?

Things are looking up. It’s a good sign when even the cloudy days are warm. And I have it on good authority that we may be in for a 29°C scorcha!™ on Sunday. Bring forth my ceremonial braai tongs and slaughter that bloody sheep, Jennifer. Then make a salad.

Meanwhile, less good but far more spectacular weather for my parents in the Isle of Man as a particularly virulent area of low pressure rolled in across the Irish Sea:

This was taken by my Dad this morning in Port St Mary and has a distinctly Kalk Bay feel to it. A quick look at the latest weather report from the local airport suggests that the pressure is still falling there – not good news when you have a three-hour long boat crossing of that sea tomorrow like they do.

Bon voyage…

5 thoughts on “Is summer finally coming?

  1. Could do with some warm weather, although with winter rainfall only coming in at about 50% of the long term average we could also do with some rain before it gets too hot…

  2. Phaezen > I think we’ll be ok this year, but another dry winter next time around and we’ll all be bathing in our own urine again like 2005.

  3. Wish I could say the same for us… our hottest day this week will be Saturday at 17°C,

    At least the drought seems to have broken!

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