Strike one…

Spectacular shot of Cape Town thunderstorm this morning, taken by Hout Bay photographer John Maarschalk, (bigger here) via here.


Alex and I stood for 30 minutes watching the lightning out of the window this morning. Although it wasn’t a particularly big storm, it was pretty active and there was plenty to keep him occupied. Alex is three years old and is less scared of thunderstorms than his mum. No comment.

Quick question:
Why is the lightning striking Kloof Nek rather than the 670m Lion’s Head or the 1050m Table Mountain?

EDIT: Many apologies to John. I emailed him to ask permission to use the picture, wrote the post and then managed to hit PUBLISH instead of PREVIEW. They should make those words easier to tell apart.
Thus, when he arrived on the site, his photo was already here.
How embarrassing.
Needless to say, I do now have the go-ahead. Thanks and sorry again, John.

11 thoughts on “Strike one…

  1. What an extraordinary shot, really beautiful. I would love to know the answer to the question too! So much for lightening hitting the highest point?

  2. That is one awesome photo. Absolutely stunning.

    I was so happy this morning when I woke up and heard thunder. Brilliant start to the day 😀

  3. Wow. Though I still think the Highveld storms are much more amazing. Anyway, it does look weird that the lowest point between those two hills is being struck. Then again, your picture is taken from several kilometres away – the actual point of impact might actually be a hill or a cellphone tower in that area – i.e. the highest point IN THE AREA.

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  4. Wow…, I see you have added it before I could get a chance to reply to your mail.

  5. Marcel > Amazing pic.

    Goblin > It set our alarm off. Less brilliant. But was fun watching with commentary from the boy.
    “There is a light-en-ning and it has blocked the road!!” etc etc

    Shahil > I think we get bonus points for not getting storms very often. But more amazing than this photo? Really?

    John > As I have already said. Sorry. *blush*
    And thanks for granting permission – amazing photo.

  6. Spectacular. Love the purply blue shades. It’s so wierd, in all the time I lived in Cape Town I only saw lightning like that once. But in Durbs it was a regular occurrence.

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  7. Awesome photo that. I have that trouble too Sire. I seem to hit publish rather than preview. whoops!!

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  8. Po > Humidity. Probably.
    Or you were constantly blind drunk in CPT?

    Wiggy > Yeah, but I correct mine. You just leave yours! 😉

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