Stress Bye

This photo makes Struisbaai look a whole lot more gloomy than it actually was this afternoon.


But after the glorious weekend, things had gone a bit grey. The kids didn’t mind: a beach is a beach and they were immediately sandcastling happily. I looked on and was reminded of the monologue of that Daft Punk song:

Once you free your mind about a concept of harmony and music being correct, you can do whatever you want.

So, nobody told me what to do, and there was no preconception of what to do.

Same goes for me this week. The days will be spent doing whatever I like: watching the whales in the bay, chilling out with a good book, or taking the kids to a gloomy looking beach. I’ll be spending the nights in front of the fire with a nice Marlon and a cosy wife.

And if you don’t like it, that’s actually not my problem. 🙂

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