Strange and beautiful

Many of you won’t remember Matt Hales’ 2002 hit Strange and Beautiful until firstly, I point out that he recorded it under the name “Aqualung” and secondly, you hear it.
And yes, it was truly bewitching. But then he did this – a cover of a-ha’s Take On Me – and it’s utterly, spine-tinglingly beautiful.

As I write, there’s a free download link on that soundcloud page as well (top right).

Grey’s Anatomy fans will recognise it from episode 24 of the current (tenth) series, you know, that bit when Meredith and Cristina [spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler]. But look, put it this way, given the gentle nature of the cover, it’s not a happy happy joy joy moment.

I don’t know if Magne watches Grey’s Anatomy, but he does like the song:

I think Matt Hales is a very talented writer and performer, and have personally been much inspired by his Aqualung project.
Of the many covers done of take on me over the years, this one is perhaps the furthest from the original, and in my view therefore the most interesting.

And you know what? I’ve got 15 different cover versions of Take On Me on my iPod and I’m with him on this. Very special.

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