Sticky: SA Blog Awards 2008

I’ve never won anything in the blogging world. Ever.
The closest I came was finishing 7th in the Best African and Middle East Blog category in some worldwide competition in 2006. If it had been just Africa, I might have stood a chance, but when you’ve got Middle East sob stories coming in right, left and centre like US missiles in Fallujah, it was never going to happen. The sympathy vote is everything – hence my first line.

Some (like Mark Tamburro, for instance) would argue that it’s because this blog actually isn’t very good, but I would beg to differ. It’s certainly had its moments as we’ve covered everything from sport to politics, from air crashes to TB and from Danny DiVito to fictional gay veterinarians.

Who could forget the Big South African Crime Post, the preview of the Super 14 final between the Bulls and the Sharks* or your introduction to braai talk?
Of course, there’s more than just those bits of literary genius. You can always head to the archives to learn more.

If you’ve scrolled down slightly, hungry for the prose, desperately seeking further enlightenment, then you’ll realise where all this is heading. Yep – you’re being asked to please click the button below and kindly spend a whole 30 seconds of your valuable time nominating this worthy blog for SA Blog Award Glory.

nominate this blog

If you do take the time to click the link, please also leave a comment on this post. If you follow these instructions within 10 minutes of reading this and tell 6 other people to do it too, then you will receive a free iPod from Microsoft, hand-delivered to your door by Jacob Zuma wearing a kanga**.  Furthermore, if you are in South Africa, you will be spared load-shedding for at least the next 20 seconds. Possibly.

Nominations are open until 22nd February. So, dear reader – please click, fill in your details and help catapult 6000 miles to SA blog award glory. It’s got to be worth it for that nice warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ll get. And this being Africa, there may be some cash in it for you too if things work out well.

* including gratuitous pictures of Sharks cheerleaders.
** Terms and Conditions apply.

16 thoughts on “Sticky: SA Blog Awards 2008

  1. Done (after taking the “liberty” of deciding my own categories to nominate you in). You know, I hope, what a poisoned chalice any win would be? Much scorn has been heaped on this contest in the past. Given that their database collapsed on my first 3 attempts at nominating, as well as the 5 typos I spotted, I’m not too optimistic about its success this year either…

  2. SlackCollective – Thank you. Did you put me in the best GLBT blog section again this year?
    Yes, last year was a major balls up, (Seth Rotherham said so, so it must be true) but I just like the idea of more people having the chance to read my blog. I’m not expecting to win anything.

    P.S. Has JZ been round with your MP3 player yet?

  3. You shnozz, I voted for you days ago already. Well, okay, on the 11th. But still.

    That JZ comment left me cackling.

    Hee hee.

    How is your wiffs pregnancy coming along?

  4. Getting that warm fuzzy feeling already. (As I am resident in Australia, can I please have a knife set instead of the cash)

  5. Rob – Thanks. Will there be money too?

    Sheena – Thank you for your nomination. As for the pregnancy, I’m doing OK thanks. 😉

    Stan – Not only that, but we’ll also throw in a free wooden spoon FREE OF CHARGE!

  6. Since I like you as a person I’ll go and do this nomination thing but take note I’m not happy about it.

    Have you seen some of the winners in the past? You’ll probably be disqualified for actually having a decent blog and not a stinking pile of dirty socks.

    Sell out 😛

  7. I’ve been lurking for some time now. I’ve nominated you , killed off a few categories though.

    Best of luck.

  8. Rob – Acclaim is fine. But yes, money is better.

    Koosh – Sell out indeed, but since I know for a fact that you’ve also been nominated, you might want to start kissing SABA butt…!

    Bridget – Thanks for delurking. Guessing you knocked off the “most humorous”. It was always a bit of a stretch. “Best written” was also pushing it. As were some of the others. But thanks anyway.

  9. globus has now voted for your blog on this, together with the 3 other SA blogs globus likes. hmm does that defeat the point? 3-way split, anyone? (more on that line’s provenance from a memorable trip to bangkok another time!)

  10. Ack!

    Best blog!?? I dunno… then again JZ in a kanga carrying a new iPod across the Indian Ocean…

    And plus there were those pictures from the S14 finals… OK, you get my nomination! I’ll email the delivery address to you later.

  11. koosh – ja, ja – wait til you get married.

    Globus – please elborate. (pictures/diagrams welcome)

    Del – Thanks so much. Maybe he could bring a sandwich back with him?

  12. OK I’ll vote for you I suppose. I too purged a few categories. Mostly beacuse I ran out of good, worthy “reasons”. That much original thought is hard for me on a Sunday afternoon – which is why you have a funny blog and I don’t!!

    PS you can keep the iPod; not sure what a kanga is but after JZ has had to trek 6000-odd miles back to the UK in it I’m not sure I want to know.

  13. Little Miss… – ‘ello! 🙂

    Regarding your Sunday afternoon comment, you’ll notice I rarely post on Sunday afternoons so as not to drive my *ahem* hoardes of readers away. Most of them are hanging by a thread anyway.

    Anyone else reading this MUST now nominate me. As the Spin Doctors famously noted: “Little Miss can’t be wrong”…

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