Statpr0n and three big moments

I was flicking through some WordPress plugins and seeing what they could do for 6000 miles…when I realised that there are three fairly large moments rapidly approaching. And, quite conceivably, they could all arrive on the same day. Although I will not be making any particular effort to ensure that they do. Honest.

Firstly – on January 30th, I will complete my 365th day of consecutive posts. I got the post-a-day idea from the inimitable Brian Micklethwait and I thought I’d see how it went in February. It went well and the rest is, as they say, history. Or soon will be, anyway.
I’ve had to throw the odd quota photo in here and there to keep things going, and – mainly due to intercontinental travel – I have even pre-written a couple of entries, but generally, you’ve had one or more quality posts each day.
It’s been hard work, really hard, sometimes, but readership is up, subscriptions are up and I’ve actually enjoyed the challenge.
Will I continue? I haven’t decided just yet, but it seems likely. Watch this space on 31st January.
And before and after as well, obviously

The second big thing is that I am “just” 10,000 words short of 200,000 words on 6000 miles… blog posts. That’s a whole lot of words and a whole lot of posts considering I (apparently) average just over 300 words per post. One memorable effort didn’t even have any words at all. That must have dragged the average down a bit.  

The last bit of news is that – at an average 8 comments per post – I am almost up to 5,000 genuine (i.e.ham, not spam) comments. This blog would still exist without comments and commenters, but it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting and fun. Posts about the 2009 general election in South Africa were particularly well commented upon, as is any post about the contentious issues in local politics. Quota photos generally don’t get comments, nor do admin posts; those about religion do and that one about The Killers concert really got people going.

I’m going to make an effort to reward my 5,000th comment in some way.
Not sure how yet, but I’ll do it.
And because of all the spam that Akismet sifts out for me, no-one will know who or when it is, save for myself and The Guru. And thus, he’s not allowed to enter. Sorry, The Guru – it just wouldn’t be fair.

This post is 422 words long and is being filed under admin.
All of which means that no-one will actually have read this far.

6 thoughts on “Statpr0n and three big moments

  1. Ha! I read all the way down! 🙂 As you know, embarking on much the same thing myself (and a new “look” is on the way too) – so I can just imagine it wasn’t easy – I nearly fell at the first fence myself last night! Thanks for providing an interesting blog – it’s been fun watching people’s comments and how you wind them up, sometimes! 😀
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..24 Hours… =-.

  2. Darn! If you’d told me I didn’t need to read admin posts I wouldn’t have bothered!

    And now I have to congratulate you on a sterling (rand?) effort over the last year – I know just how hard it is to keep the posts flowing day in, day out. And you normally manage to post decidedly non-dull posts too! That was a compliment by the way!

    And now, the competition …
    .-= Ro´s last blog ..Practical Economics =-.

  3. HH > Wind them up? Me? Never.
    It has been (is being) fun.
    But now when (if) I do break the cycle, it’s going to be a huge issue.

    Ro > Sorry – I’ll alert you earlier next time.
    Meh – many readers would disagree about the “non-dull” bit, but thanks.

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