Weekends are meant for relaxation, but mine has been full of sorting out the garden, making biltong, upgrading the software on my phone, trying to stay calm despite having manic kids underneath my feet all day and enjoying enduring the worst meal ever at Spur. (Which shouldn’t surprise me, I know, but this was even poor by Spur standards.)

I did take a couple of minutes out to snap some sprinklers, which you can see here.

Far from earth-shattering in the skill required or the beauty of the subject matter, but I think the spray looks quite cool (also, it was). I especially like the non-uniform droplets which have rebounded off leaves. Almost like a rebellion; a revolution – very popular at the moment, I’m told.

But there’s really only so much excitement one can draw from a garden sprinkler photo. And I think that’s been thoroughly overdrawn already.

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