Special Day

Today is special for a number of differing reasons. Firstly, it’s my… our… wedding anniversary and therefore we will be leaving the kids at home with some able babysitters tonight and heading out to celebrate with a posh meal somewhere posh. Well done to me for finding such an amazing wife and… erm… “well done” to her for putting up with me for eight years (and counting).

Secondly, I am neck flippin’ deep in admin at work, and the FDA are to blame. This isn’t particularly special in the way that number one was, but I’m proud to announce that I have just broken a new record for the amount of paperwork generated by a single test in the lab – and outstanding 56 sheets of paper – and that’s surely something that should be recognised. When that champagne cork pops this evening, a small part of me will be celebrating this achievement as well as those cited above.
Never be fooled by anyone who says that “Big Pharma” (or even “Little Pharma”) (or in our case “Ever So Tiny Pharma”) are given an easy ride by the relevant regulatory authorities worldwide. I am frantically chopping down entire forests left, right and centre in order to keep up with the amount of documentation that they now require.
Some bits are required to be provided in pentalicate. And that’s not even a word. That’s how hectic things are. They are making. up. words. to keep us regulated. Which is also protecting the patient, allegedly. Unless the doc gets so drowsy reading all the warnings that he mistakenly injects 14 times the theraputic dose, of course.

Fortunately, the irony of having a public holiday to mark Workers’ Day awaits us tomorrow and I can hide from the mountains of filed A4 paperwork for 24 hours. We have a family day out planned and it looks like the weather will play ball, which, considering we’re heading into May now, isn’t at all bad.

Anyway, I’m digressing and I’m procrastinating, but those results aren’t going to email themselves so I guess I’d better get back to it.

And yes, that is the sound of soft weeping you can hear. And no, it’s not my wife.

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