Spandau Ballet tonight

Off to watch these Golden Oldie legends of the 80’s this evening at Grand West this evening:

I’m pretty sure that they’ll do this song and their other really big hit True. Hopefully the somewhat upbeat tempo of the former won’t break the aging members of the band and prevent the rest of the gig from taking place.

Supporting them on stage for the Heart 104.9 “Awesome 80’s” evening are German Synthpopsters Alphaville, who are famed for their hit Forever Young. They never really hit the heights in the UK, although apparently, they were Big in Japan. And also very popular in South Africa, which isn’t quite as amusing.

One thought on “Spandau Ballet tonight

  1. I hate you 🙁

    I so so so badly wanted to go tonight but just couldn’t organise. Gonna be depressed all day about it now

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