South Africa’s New Baby Lighthouse

Y’all know I have a thing for lighthouses. Fortunately, living near the coast, there are a ready supply for me to enjoy.

One of the ones a bit further away from home is the Robberg Peninsular Light which, as the name suggests is sited on the er… Robberg Peninsular. You may remember the Robberg Peninsular from such hotel room views as this:


Anyway, the Robberg Light has just been replaced and has regained its position as South Africa’s smallest standalone lighthouse. It’s also the highest light in the country, at 129m above sea level. This is much lower than the old and now defunct Cape Point lighthouse (229m) which was shut down in favour of the “new” lower (87m above sea level) lighthouse, because it was regularly shrouded in fog, and therefore useless.


The Robberg Lighthouse is a little less fancy, being solar-powered, unmanned and just 8m tall. Still, as long as the baby of the South Coast does its job of keeping passing marine traffic off the South Coast, all is good.

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