South Africa: Places to visit in 2010

Number 2. Brakpan, a mining town in Gauteng.

The name Brakpan was first used by the British in the 1880s because of a non-perennial lake that would annually dry to become a “brackish pan”.

While in the now defunct uranium mining town named after a dirty lake, you can visit the Gyproc factory, which produces almost a quarter of South Africa’s plasterboard. Alternatively, you can visit the site of the world’s biggest mine dump (higher than the pyramids, nogal!) or just enjoy life as it would have been in a previous age.
An age when people still lived in caves.

For more great places you can’t afford to miss on the South African tourist trail, just follow the TOURISM TIPS category in the sidebar. Suggestions welcome.

6 thoughts on “South Africa: Places to visit in 2010

  1. Nice golf course at the old Brakpan gold mine. It’s where I scored my very first birdie. Not been too many since though.

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  2. Hi, ek wil graag die Gyproc fabriek en die hoogste myn dump besoek. Kan jy Ko-ordinate verskaf, asb?

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