A day featuring soup, breadmaking, biltong and droewors hanging, running (for the first time in seven weeks), more soup, some tennis, beer, red wine, some changing of a tyre on Ou Kaapse Weg and downloading some One Direction music (don’t ask) has left me exhausted. It may just have been the running bit that had most of the effect, but suffice to say, I’m in no fit state to do anything but finish off my One Direction download and go to bed.
Quota photo time then, and this from an equally squally Sunday (I think) last June:


Talking of photos, I’ve actually chosen not to renew my Flickr Pro account this year on several grounds: firstly, the $25 fee and our current exchange rate; secondly, the raft of features available to none Pro users (I’ll miss Stats, but that’s about it); Thirdly, the fact that I am not a Pro; and fourthly, that even a year on from this, it’s still not actually very good.

In happier news, my 1D download is now complete (despite the anti-virus program’s continued indignant warnings) and I’m off in the one direction of the warmth of my bed and France v Jamaica on the tele.

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