Some Science

That “getting towards the end of summer feeling” is upon Cape Town. It actually rained last week and the night time temperatures are regularly dropping into the depths of the mid-teens. With this period of mild moistness comes the plague of mosquitoes. Not billions of them, necessarily, but just one or two all up in ur bedroomz, dizturbin ur sleepz and drinkin ur bloodz. I’ve mentioned before that I am the primary victim in our household and this hasn’t changed. What has changed is the my body’s reaction to these bites. Each one now produces an erythemic reaction anything up to 4cm in diameter. And the itching. The itching…

Previously, I had always thought that this was down to Immunoglobulin E and the degranulation of Mast cells, but the reason given on this infographic I found seems far more plausible.

Presumably, you’re scratching like I am now.
And that’s a good thing, because sharing is caring. 

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  1. Henry Crun > Come now. G&T doesn’t deter the mozzies, it just stops the malaria parasites from killing you. And if you look at the concentration of quinine in Tonic Water, it doesn’t really even do that very well.

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