Some Photos

But maybe not just yet.

We’ve been doing some touristy things this week, as you may have noticed from the brief but touristy posts I’ve been briefly posting. We’ve had friends over from the UK and it’s been great to enjoy the opportunity to be tourists in and around our city. Something that yes, I know we should do more, but no, we don’t.

Yesterday was BRANDY! the Winelands, today was Cape Point and those penguins at Boulders.

There are many shots on my repaired camera which will surely (hopefully) be better than this one from my phone, and since we’re going to be relaxing all solo over the next few days, I’ll hopefully have a chance to go through them and get some onto Flickr (internet dependent).

This – Misty Cliffs – remains one of my favourite Cape views. But I’m not sure which variation I prefer: today’s or this one from an altogether wilder day out.

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