Some Freedom

Today is a public holiday in South Africa. The first of three this week. On May 1st, we have the ubiquitous Worker’s Day and on the 2nd, an “extra” public holiday which was only granted in late March, for reasons that no-one really knows or wants to ask about in case it gets taken away again. This means only 2 working days, which means that we have the obligatory dose of Short Week Service Syndrome ahead.

But celebrate, for today is Freedom Day – the National Holiday to commemorate the 1994 General Election and the “official end” of apartheid. While many were delighted to welcome the non-racial elections, there were some disappointments, not least the poor showing of the DikWankWetla Party, who only managed to capture 0.1% of the vote. I know very, very little about the DikWankWetla Party, but they have an absolutely awesome name and for that alone are probably worth a vote even if their policies are a little ropey.

So. How has SA done over the last 14 years?
I guess that would be one of those questions with a host of “no win” answers, basically drawn out along racial lines. Let’s just say that the majority of people in this country are better off than they were pre-1994.
Of course, it hasn’t worked for everyone. Somehow today, it was even more saddening to see the beggars with small kids and babies in tow at the traffic lights. Some freedom for them. One wonders if they recognise that today holds any special significance for the country.
I gave away an entire 2kg bag of apples on the 3km run back home from the supermarket. Not much, I know, but trying to help, at least. One day, I hope 0.6 will understand why he didn’t get his Granny Smiths today.

Happy Freedom Day, South Africa.

8 thoughts on “Some Freedom

  1. globus liked this post. apples are overrated anyway, but just thank God you didn’t end up giving away the kiwi fruit.

  2. I don’t think 0.6 will ever understand. He’s going to end up in a therapists office one day talking about how he never got his apples 😉

  3. Couldn’t find the Contact Me button to do this subtly, but you’ve just been mentioned on my blog and thought you should check it out!

  4. “a host of no-win answers’ hahahaha

    I couldn’t have put it any more diplomatic than that mate!

    Your generous apple trick reminded me of an old mate that used to carry tampons around (to give to homeless women). Sharing’s caring 😀

  5. Very diplomatically put. I think the matter of being better or worse off, will depend on your point of view, and as many would agree, I am afraid plenty will also disagree.

  6. Should we be worried? Maybe he has been abducted by an army of sub sized green men!

    In the background I hear Celine Dion’s voice singing her SABC missing persons song!

    Post something or you will find yourself being the victim of a community manhunt (the good kind, with old coloured women crying on the news telling the world what a good guy you were and how they mopped your floor in the 80s)

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