Solar System Distances

Here’s a useful Solar System resource for you:

Average distances of the planets from the sun; Total distance traveled in one complete orbit by each of the planets; Total time for one complete orbit of the sun (one planetary year).

OBJECTDistance from Sun (average) in kmDistance traveled in one complete orbit of the Sun in kmAmount of time for one complete orbit of the Sun
Mercury59,221,114359,993,5633 Earth months.
Venus108,142,903679,916,3187 Earth months.
Earth149,662,053939,813,3251 Earth year
(365.25 days)
Mars227,872,5461,429,031,22023 Earth months. Almost 2 Earth years.
Jupiter778,242,6784,887,351,143142 Earth months. Almost 12 Earth years.
Saturn1,426,617,3168,957,032,507354 Earth months. 29½ Earth years.
Uranus2,870,453,81418,025,909,2371009 Earth months. Over 84 Earth years.
Neptune4,498,229,80428,262,471,8381979 Earth months Almost 165 Earth years.

Working on a school project, we needed these figures. Plenty of copies of this information are available, but all of it was on US sites and all of it was in miles. Want it in kilometres? Well, either you have to do it yourself (like I did) or (now) you can use the table above.

Happy to help.

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