So far, so good

We were all a bit totes emosh taking the beagle out to Paarl this morning for her op. But the news is good: things went well and she’s come around safely after her procedure. Some minor complications therein, but nothing huge, so it’s looking positive for just a couple of nights away from home.

What does that mean for our New Year plans? Well, let’s see. But more on that tomorrow.

So while we wait, life goes on here.

One child is off partying in the Waterfront: in December, nogal. There were only a couple of positives about this: I used Admyt and got a freebie, and we took the opportunity (since we were in town dropping said child off, anyway) to knock out a gentle 8km along the Prom.
Very busy. Very hot. Very sunny. Would not advise.

Safely back and straight into the pool, and now the only thing I still need to do this evening is to go into town and do a fetch and carry from the Waterfront. Hopefully all of the traffics will have gone by then, and I can just enjoy a nice drive into the sunset.

And back.