Slug & Lettuce – Lunch

The Slug & Lettuce in Green Point opened in December, but unless you are a regular at Ultra Liquors next door, you’d probably never know it. Somehow, I seem to have become aware of it. Hmm.

Of course, for all those Saffas who did their stint in the UK, most likely working out of somewhere with a SW postcode, “The Slug” was a favourite haunt. Now the idea has been exported back to South Africa, where presumably hordes of expat English will descend on the pub, get hideously drunk, be arrogant about their country’s sporting prowess and then dance topless on the bar.   

It was thankfully quiet when we popped in there for Valentine’s Day lunch. Mrs 6000 was immediately drawn to the S&L classic Snakebite & Black, while I settled for a draught Peroni (they also have Jack Black on tap). The pub itself is tiny, but the welcome was warm and the service excellent. The tapas menu looks interesting and I would highly, highly recommend the chili poppers, the mere mention of which is making my mouth water in front of the Winter Olympics highlights this evening.
We also tried the sweet potato crisps, which were great.

Mains were a superb cheeseburger and a standard, but enjoyable calamari. We probably would have stayed for dessert, but by this time, Mrs 6000’s third snakebite & black had gone to her head and we wandered down to Three Anchor Bay where I took advantage of her inebriation to comprehensively beat her at Putt-Putt.

The Slug will need to get a few more punters in if it is to survive. On a strip where there is a bar every few yards, some advertising wouldn’t go amiss. Apparently when there is an event on at the stadium, it is packed, but unless it manages to reproduce those numbers on other days, it will quickly fall by the wayside. And that would be a pity.
The trick will be keeping it open until June, when it’s sure to be a big hit with the visiting fans. I’ll certainly be making it my pre-match drinking haunt. Whether the match is in Cape Town or not.

8 thoughts on “Slug & Lettuce – Lunch

  1. Ah yes, the Slug. Many a Thursday night spent gawking at topless waitresses on the bar and Super 14 rugby on the Big Screen/plasmas.

    Obviously Mrs 6k was a regular in these institutions too, else she would never be able to play Putt-putt after 3 pints of Snakebite.

    (Not sure many Saffa readers would know what a Snakebite and Black is…)
    .-= Delboy´s last blog ..Another article and a column =-.

  2. I’m having to remember a long way back, which is difficult, but if I remember correctly when I indulged in the ol’ Snakebite & Black, it used to go to my legs before I was aware of it going to my head.

    Now I come to think about it, I wonder if it was because of the Snakebite & Blacks that I have problems remembering the Snakebite & Blacks …
    .-= Ro´s last blog ..The Slow Dance =-.

  3. Delboy > Oh – she was a regular. Then I intervened and whipped her into shape. 🙂

    Ro > Yes – a surprisingly lethal combination of what are, essentially, fruit beverages.

  4. There’s an S&L on Corn Street, in Bristol, but I don’t ever remember anyone mentioning topless waitresses! I think I’ve been in there, but am obviously not a regular (or I’ve been utterly rat-arsed and can’t remember being there!). 😀

    Can someone tell a teetotaller what “Snakebite & Black” is? I’m guessing blackcurrant features somewhere?
    .-= Helga Hansen´s last blog ..Back to normal =-.

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