Slow progress

The infernal painting mission continues. Ugh.

It’s taking up all my time and the progress is very slow. Such a frustrating task.

The results (such as they are so far – I’m only about halfway done) do look good, but my worry is that I’ll be so sick of the sight of the room by the time it’s finished, that I won’t actually enjoy being in there.
It certainly feels that way at the moment.

I just, obviously. I’m sure once we are finally finished – whenever that might be – all will be well, and it’ll quite possibly my favourite room in the house. Right now, that honour goes to the one with the bed in it.


No let up this weekend either: dodgeball, riding, catering, shopping for trips away: an overnight West Coast trip (not me), a week-long school tour to the Garden Route (not me), and that trip to Robben Island (me). And probably some more bloody painting (definitely me).

Busy times.